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I educate and empower Blacks, Africans, and the African Diaspora LGBTQ population who are struggling with marginalization in a systemically racist and homophobic world, to find their own paths and embrace their most authentic selves through existential education/coaching

Successful on paper, yet lonely on the inside. This was the reality that I faced as a Black, African, Queer man living in America, until I realized some things had to change.


My mission is to teach Blacks, Africans, and the African diaspora LGBTQ population on self-acceptance, and how to overcome the shackles of White Supremacy and Heteronormativity.


Because we all deserve to be here.



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Uche is a Life Coach, YouTuber/Podcaster, Public Speaker, Philosopher, and a US Army veteran, who focuses on empowering the Black community, Africans, and the African diaspora LGBTQ population to break free from outdated social and traditional norms and unapologetically live their fullest potentials as humans.


Uche has traveled to over 40 countries, networking and conversing with Black people all around the world, and he has learned that the collective diaspora community has a singular central problem – White Supremacy.


In an effort to be the catalyst and a driver for change, Uche walked away from a very comfortable career in Healthcare Research to pursue a second Masters in Philosophy with focus on Existential Being. Uche believes that every human’s existence is perfect and necessary, and that we must all embody our individual uniqueness and remain our most authentic selves at all times in order to pass the rigorous tests of life.


Uche’s method focuses on Spirituality – the belief that all is one but manifests in different forms. Being anything other than your natural self is an automatic failure. In other words, you owe it to yourself and the world to be your most authentic self at all times.


Uche believes that racism and homophobia around the world, especially towards people of African descent, reflects a collective mediocrity in thinking and a loss of understanding in our spiritual essence, and the time to re-write that narrative is now.



Uche Chukwu – Unapologetically driving the legacy that God has brought me forth to lead.




Now is All You’ve Got

  • Now is all you’ve got to heal from your pain

  • Now is all you’ve got to let go and make peace with what is

  • Now is all you’ve got to protect your energy

  • Now is all you’ve got to be the best version of yourself

  • Now is all you’ve got to do the very best you can

  • Now is all you’ve got to be

Now is all there is, all that has ever been, and all that will ever be.


Once You Know Better, You Must Do Better

The ability to make choices is the biggest blessing humans have been bestowed with. It is also the most dangerous.


As we move through this reality that we call life, we must make choices.


Some choices are no-brainers and absolutely necessary.

Some others are unnecessary, yet harmless.


We must study and understand the ways of the world, and we must choose to either make it better or worse.


When we know better and choose to do better, we all win.


Why Everyone Must Pursue a PhD Program. If Not, You’ve Failed

A PhD Program here doesn’t mean a literal doctoral degree from an actual university.


In a world that is filled with so much wrongs, it is imperative that you find a way to heal some of it in your own unique way.

This is your divine purpose.


Everyone has been handpicked by the universe to exist as humans.

This is why we are perfect and necessary beings.

Our presence on earth is needed, hence why we are here.


We must study the world, find what is missing, and then find how we can make it better in our own unique ways.


“Uche is a sophisticated thinker, as well as a dynamic speaker, who brings a pragmatic perspective based on his life experiences and honest self-reflection. He consistently brings something to the table to digest on.... sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet, sometimes bittersweet, but always something of value”

Asabagna Alatentou – Ontario, Canada

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